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AbbyShot Eleventh Doctor’s Purple Suspenders (Braces): Review

Welcome back! We apologize for the delay on reviews lately, but working is required to afford all these fancy toys you see.

This is going to be an interesting review for the sole reason that a cosplayer can continue without this article. (If they are careful with their camera.) What I allude to is the AbbyShot 11th Doctor’s Purple Suspenders. While many of us might have jumped on the hype train earlier in 11’s run for the release of the burgundy suspenders, after they were released we saw that the suspenders were inaccurate and the only special thing about them was the new Doctor Who logo on the back.

With these new suspenders came something interesting. In the show there are a variety of suspenders used, but they  tend to be solid burgundy or navy blue. In the Series 7 opener, we saw something a little different in the color choice. Purple!


Regular fans may not have noticed it, but us cosplayers and collectors did. I can’t say in my personal opinion that it worked or it didn’t work, however for the costume department it was a new choice for sure.

One of the neat things about these suspenders is that they aren’t just a solid color, they actually have a weave in them!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 4.52.30 PM.png

This was met with great delight by cosplayers, to see some small details thrown into the costume as well as see their impending doom searching for accuracy. It is not known who the original manufacturer was for the suspenders, however thanks to AbbyShot, you can now own the closest replica on the market.


The suspenders come packaged similar to the same way the burgundy ones did,  but with a galaxy background for eye candy at conventions and stores.(Good work AbbyShot.)


Opening it up, you can see that the suspenders carry the same build as well as clip ends as the burgundy. This is where we can say, while although nice of them to use the rest of their stock up, it isn’t nice for the accuracy crowd. The genuine clips are more square in shape with rounded sides, while the AbbyShot clips are completely rounded.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.03.04 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.04.20 PM.png

Looking at the shape, they’re built like a regular pair of suspenders. This is great for the reason that they should just be that. Suspenders. The previous burgundy incarnation was cute for having the neat “DW” Doctor Who logo on the back, however that did change the build a bit as the fabric was sewn on to “DW” logo instead of being held with a simple “V” clip as seen on the purple suspenders. If that logo was damaged in any way, (for any of you thrill seekers our there), you would be out a pair of suspenders and $40.

This tiny detail makes me appriciate the time and effort that Abby Shot did to make the suspenders feel more like a legitimate replica instead of a regular Doctor Who “memorabilia-esque” item. Another argument as to why I don’t think the burgundy suspenders are worth the money: all you are paying for is the Doctor Who logo on the back. You could easily buy an equally accurate pair off eBay-without the logo. However, some would argue that the burgundy edition could be used by at conventions for people who want to go out wearing suspenders and announce who they are playing from afar.(Because the annoying sonic and big fez aren’t going to give it away.) I digress.

This is the part that I love about the suspenders, the weave! They certainly have it done nicely. Although I won’t comment on the accuracy, I can tell you that they must have some knowledge as to what it looked like up close to get this set up.

The suspenders have a weave that is made up of a black and dark grey line up, separated by deep purple dashes going up the suspenders. The suspenders look brilliant and were a definite hint as to what was going  into the costume later in the series.

Another great reason to buy these is the usability. Not only can these be paired with Shetland tweed, but the series 7B purple W. Bill frock coat variants as well. No matter if you have the tweed jacket or the Cashmere frock coat, this can be used easily without any fuss.

Over all for the price of $30(shipping included), I think is was a good deal for 11 cosplayers. The only downside is the shape of the clips. (I can get over it). As a closing wish, I hope that AbbyShot would consider making some series 6 bow ties in the future to make up for their horrible 50th anniversary bow tie. But that’s for another story.

If you see these, grab them. I don’t think there is much stock left!

Edited by: John Gervais