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Meet the Authors

John Gervais

       Howdy! I am extremely delighted to have totally rebuilt this website, and I can’t wait for it to get up and running like Nicholas and I imagine it will. Although I still believe the original podcast was a good idea, it simply didn’t fit our schedules. This regenerated page will be the best of the best.

     I myself am a prop replica and costume collector, who tends to do some cosplay as well. I love going to conventions and taking pictures with people who ask me, but even more so with people I find who have strikingly unexpected costumes. Meeting people at conventions is something I am very accustomed to, and I have grown to seriously enjoy it.

       Although I mainly specialize in collecting accurate props and costume pieces, I greatly appreciate the art and effort that goes into custom made replicas. Although I don’t have many, I do love seeing them and watching the processes people go through to fabricate them.

       Feel welcome to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already! @Doctor.Disco is my handle!

Nicholas Johnson

The worst.